The snow rekindles a sour thought.

Of me falling down on my butt.

Now There’s no more snow but a pleasant breeze.

Its the time of the year.

when I walk around with ease!!

No chilly winter’s wrath to fear,

Its time to enjoy a nice cold beer.

As spring unravels the flowers and more.

I see the birds sing in chorus and go.

The squirrels are out and moving fast.

Searching for food :an unending task.

While I bask lying.

On the carpet of grass.

Lost in some twisted thoughts of my past.

Thinking.. Things can change in life and have.

Things we want and things we had.

Somethings perhaps get memories back.

Some nostalgia pretty power-packed.

A fragnance can make you reminisce and miss.

And a sound can make you feel the bliss.

And I wish..

If I could turn the times..

Be the young me..

Back In my prime..

Whilst I was floating and feeling benign..

I heard a bunch of people passing by,

With their sinkers and floats, their rods and reels,

They had all the fishing tackle they’d ever need.

Its spring again, so people relax and fish..

Pause time for some moments..

And take life as is..

Its spring again, so spring out from you beds..

Put some springs in your steps,

and spring back from being dead

. Its spring again and everything’s bright,

Its serene everywhere, every sight.

The Red yellow and violet shades..

Reminds me of my country days..

It feels so nice, so gay.

Spring to me in a word is Fresh,

Whats spring to you I ask my friends..

About spring share athing or two..

What does spring mean to you!!


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